Packed and ready to go

Bags are packed, and we’re ready to go.  We stayed in again yesterday so we could get everything packed up.  We then all met up in the Lobby at 6 pm to head out to a restaurant for a Goodbye to China party.  Our guide told us the food was from north western china.  I think it has more Arabic influences in it.  Not bad, but wasn’t my favorite meal.  It was really quite spicy, but they did bring out rice and noodles for the kids to eat, as there is no way the kids would have been able to eat most of what they brought out.
During the meal there were dancers, and a singer (who dressed a little like Elvis).  After the meal, there was a magician, and a guy from a Chinese opera who has special masks on that do quick changes from one mask to another in the blink of an eye.


After the entertainment was over, they brought out a cake, and sang happy birthday to me!  They asked who’s birthday happened on the trip, we told them that it was Ben’s on the 17th, and mine was on the 20th.  They ended up singing the happy birthday song to ME! haha.
After the cake, they handed out scrolls to each of the newly adopted kids.  The scroll has their Chinese names written on it.  They also handed out little gifts to all the other kids that came to china with their parents.  Not sure if they were all the same, but Maddie got a Chinese fan.


We got back to our hotel around 8:30. Got everyone ready for bed and then put to sleep, then we finished packing up our suitcases.


It’s now 9 am, and we are packing up the last of our stuff, then we head down to the lobby at 12:30 to head out as a group to the airport.  We have to leave really early because some flights are at 3 pm, some at 4 pm, and ours at 6 pm.


I’m putting the laptop away now, so next post, if I remember to post here again, will be from Canada!!


Ben learned how to hold his own bottle… sort of


Before supper

IMG_7128 IMG_7130

On the bus to the party



His favorite pastime on the bus….


Our last supper


The entertainment

IMG_7176 IMG_7174 IMG_7157 IMG_7167 IMG_7198 

The cake


Maddie’s Fan


One thought on “Packed and ready to go

  1. Congratulations you guys, he is beautiful, and he looks like a happy child

    You will have some wonderful memories to take home.

    Maddielooks like she is enjoying her new role as ” Big Sister”


    Looking forward to meeting. ” Ben ”


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